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    Essay Topic Generator: How It Works

    You can't complete any academic assignment without a well-formulated, workable topic.

    Our solution to this academic trouble is an automatic and free topic generator for essay projects. You can proceed to the writing part quickly, avoiding the hassle of topic choice. All can be done in just a couple of simple steps:

    • Indicate the keywords and subject of interest
    • Click on the "Generate topics" button
    • Select the essay topic you like

    Why Use Our Essay Topic Generator?

    Our automatic tool will be a handy solution for students of all study levels. You can use our creative and funny titles for school or college assignments. Besides, even journalists or researchers searching for ideas can make the essay topic generator useful, as it delivers several workable title options in seconds.

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      Universal tool

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      Free of charge

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      Simple to use

    How to Choose an Essay Topic?

    Every writer faces the challenge of topic choice before the process of essay composition actually starts. You can't go on without a clearly defined focus and at least a couple of preliminary research findings that will guide your outline and the line of your argumentation. So, let's focus on the correct algorithm of topic selection in a bit more detail:

    • Choose a topic that excites you. Writing about a familiar subject or something you're excited to discover is much more enjoyable than digging the new material and learning about some concept from scratch.
    • Follow the prompt closely. Avoid off-topic subjects and themes that don't relate to your professor's assignment directly. It's very easy to get driven away by a realm of exciting options, but your course surely has some limitations on that point.
    • Make a topic debatable and manageable. Stick to a topic that is not too narrow or too broad; make it just right to offer valuable academic insights.
    • Ask yourself the 5 W-questions. These questions are the "who, who, what, where, and when" of your research subject. Be sure to cover those issues while narrowing the topic down. This way, you'll have a topic that can be researched hassle-free.

    Essay Topic Generator FAQ

    A good argumentative topic should communicate your position on a specific issue. For instance, good topics are:

    • Men are as emotional as women, counter to a common stereotype.
    • Printed books offer a better learning experience than e-books.

    A persuasive essay is usually written to produce an emotional effect on the readers and achieve a convincing effect. So, persuasive topics usually concern sensitive subjects, such as:

    • School uniforms should be introduced in all schools to prevent bullying.
    • The death penalty should be abolished to save the wrongfully accused people`s lives.

    Compare and contrast essays are a type of narrative, expository writing that doesn`t aim to persuade the readers about something. Topics for these essays may look as follows:

    • Classroom vs. distance learning
    • Cats vs. dogs
    • Full-time vs. freelance work

    An opinion essay, as its name suggests, argues some opinion and uses supporting evidence to convince the readers of that viewpoint. Some topic examples for opinion essays are:

    • Minors should vote.
    • The U.S. foreign policy is flawed.

    An essay topic generator is an automatic smart tool that you may apply to find suitable topics for your essays. You can pick a couple of ideas from the professor`s prompt and check topic suggestions on our website, coming up with an interesting theme quicker than usual.